Friday, October 8, 2010

fantasy football

kaka takde? damn ! 


leachate produces methane, methane cause explosion

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natsumi from kamen rider decade loves to karoke
it has been awhile since i updated my blog. i have no time to post anything because i've been busy with my life lately. life must go on for those scumbag that are so pitiful to watch. they make you feel so pathetic that you feel guilty to enjoy your life. try to live as yourself, don't treat people by judging that you are beyond the level that has been expected. Foolish people don't even respect true friendship but tend to use your own name. Just ignore what people say and do your own thing, reminds me of what people always say.  Nahh..u won't understand a word i'm trying to say...there's a song that i just need to sing in my mind. . .du du la la la la...